Pacific Lien Sales

How much money are you losing on your liens?

We always ask that question and there’s a good reason… most clients don’t realize just how much money slow lien processing can cost.

Across California , the average storage charge per day, per vehicle is around $35.00. O.K., not all that much money but… if your lien paperwork takes a week to get started, that’s $245.00! Two weeks and it’s $490.00 !!!

Of course that’s just one vehicle. Maybe you have more…. ten or even a hundred?

How does $6300.00 look to your bottom line?

All because of a slow lien processing.

Well, now you can say goodbye to all of those “dollar drainers” out there in the yard and say hello to “the Problem Solvers” at Pacific Liens.

We call ourselves that because we understand the cost to your business, We’ve built our business on service to you and we’d like you to give us a try.¬†We promise you’ll receive quick , knowledgeable and accurate lien processing.

Thanks for your time and interest.